Tanya Arler at Find Your Path offers intuitive coaching, creative workshops and motivational speaking in positive life change and subconscious awareness.

Sub-conscious awareness are key words. Although they seem counter intuitive, a large part of our world is dominated by beliefs, thoughts and expectations generated in our sub-conscious, i.e. we don't even know we have them.  They can lead us to feeling stuck, or simply to a life that is not in line with our dreams and potential.

By becoming more aware of when the sub-conscious is taking the upper hand, you can align your beliefs with your desires and find your way to a whole new you and a whole new world where your dreams, desires and potential can happen.

Tanya Arler offers tools and insights to embrace the power of your mind to create a life that makes your dreams come true.

I am SO excited to announce that I became a Certified Trainer for Mike Dooley's program, Infinite Possibilities early 2014.

It is a program that encompasses alI that I believe, learn, teach, coach and live for... well to be honest...  most of my life!

Above and beyond all the tools I have to support, coach and guide people to a better life, I now can offer and actionable plan for change...  and I will be applying it to all my offerings to enhance and fortify my message for hope, change, love, abundance and the reality of a better life being within your grasp.