A Co-Dependent Relationship

When conflict occurs in our lives we would like to believe that it is 'not our fault'.  That the other party doesn't understand or is acting irrationally... or it is unfair.  We sometimes even believe that they are deliberately hurting us.

In this session we address how conflict cannot exist if it weren't inextricably linked to an expectation.. an expectation in your own mind.  Therefore, you can choose to not participate in conflict by instead looking within to address the expectation you had created.

This process isn't easy as it requires introspection in times that your emotionality would like to take the upper hand.. particuarly anger.

By understanding that you have the power to look within and identify your expectation before it creates strife, you can create a balanced, peaceful environment for yourself and those around you.  This is a beginning to a new way of looking at yourself and your surroundings...  a step towards being more consciously aware of the influence your subconscious has on you