"I am living "my story" right now and I can´t remember when I last felt excited about life, so for me to get a job and making it work is bigger than it may seem. Thank you!!"

- Gabriella

Now that I have discovered the power of affirmations, I have a massive list of beliefs I want to change!  I never realised rewiring my brain into believing something new was possible.  I wish I had gained this knowledge years ago, it would have saved a lot of self-doubt and pain."

- Emma

I’m a busy mom with four kids and the time I spent at the class was invaluable. I didn’t realize how my “limiting beliefs,” were holding me back from achieving my dreams and goals. I didn’t know why I was feeling sad and unhappy when I had so much to be grateful for, but I understand now

My thoughts were shaping my beliefs. I couldn’t change how I felt, until I changed the messages I was giving myself. Tanya pinpointed the roadblocks to my happiness. The techniques she taught, help me cope with disappointments and frustrations. Best yet, I’ve shared what I've learned with my kids. It’s an amazing class everyone needs. Life 101. Thank you Tanya!! So glad I signed up!”

- Lana


Everyone walks their own route, yet we can all benefit from time with a guide as wise as Tanya.  Her kind insight and clear approach to the mysterious and exciting all around us helped me take a critical look at some of my choices, and break through the barriers that had held me back.  I feel very fortunate to been able to stop and and ask questions as we passed on our winding ways.  I found road signs I never knew were there.  Thanks Tanya."

- Charlie

"Tanya has been a great help to me. After my divorce I had trouble dealing with the anger I felt towards my former partner. 

I went to Tanya about this and she directed me to consider how I was dealing with my memories. She suggested I cleanse myself of negative associations and guided me through the process.  She helped me change the way I viewed the past and urged me to acknowledge the positive things.  This was difficult but I learned to accept that there were good things which came from our time together and I felt freed.  

I am in a warm, loving, and stable relationship now! I am very, very grateful to Tanya."

- Wendela


"4 days after I took Tanya's Feng Shui workshop, my husband came home and said he shook on a new big project. A different one from the one he is preparing right now but it contributed to him getting this new project. So, I might be tempting fate by telling you this but I instantly thought of the Feng Shui I did in our wealth corner (the dreaded bathroom)…..and well, it might be working! "

- Mich