Fun, hands-on way to gain new perspective

Creative workshops are more than just an introspective look at yourself. These workshops include a creative aspect which  allows you to experience your 'being' and your 'feelings' in a more tangible way.

Workshops have a theme and are coupled to a specific art medium or technique.  We use coloured pencils, water-based paints, clay and collage amongst others.  Each technique and medium  offers a different way of approaching a particular theme.

During the workshop we will take time to introduce and connect ourself to the topic at hand and then start the creative process. The creative process lends itself to seeing things from a fresh perspective and offers the possibility to adjust our conscious awareness and sub-conscious thoughts.

There are a wide variety of themes including Finding your Flow, Self-Portrait, Your Tree, Dreams, Success, Ego ... these are examples but a wide variety of topics are available.

A 6-part series of workshops entitled Creative Growing is also available.  A different workshop is held monthly over 6 months to create a continual approach to broadening self awareness.

For more information or to organise a tailored workshop, please contact Tanya by email at