Attitude, Expectation & Identity

Living in a different country and culture to your own is full of opportunity, insight and eye opening experiences.  When we start out on our adventure we are excited, worried, nervous, and maybe sometimes a little angry.

When we get there, the rest of the family has structure, boundaries, built in social interaction and clear objectives, but there is always one person whose purpose is to provide the emotional and practical support to the rest of the family... the Trailing/Accompanying/Supportive Spouse.  And when the family is up and running, he or she is left to pick up pieces and rebuild every time they move.

This session is designed to give people new to moving country insight into the process they are going through.  At the same time, it offers the experienced expat words to describe processes they have been through and are repeating each time they move. Either way, this talk offers  a unique perspective which specifically addresses the emotional process the supporting spouse goes through.

Attitude, Expectations & Identity are the corner stones of this talk. As straight forward and simple as these 5 words seem, the right approach, and understanding how you stand in each of these areas will support you in effortlessly finding your happiness in your new home country.

Tanya is a seasoned expat having moved country 6 times in 15 years.