Working through and with Mind & Spirit

Abramna Remedies support you through the 4 steps of change:

  • Acceptance of all that befalls you and what is present or lacking in your life.  Just 'be'... here and now, without imposing judgement
  • New Perspective.  Be an inquirer.  See what is being revealed and which lessons are being demonstrated by the situation you find  yourself in, consciously assessing your state of being.
  • Respond Differently.  Things can be handled another way.  Allow space for more and different possibilities or approaches in order to put things in place.
  • The Change that brings enlightenment!

These steps work hand-in-hand with purification and deeper awareness of your 'true being'.

ABRAMNA Remedies support you in your choice for inner change.  Fear and emotionality disappear, making way for Brilliance, Inspiration and Faith, which become your guiding lights.

The road to awareness is not an easy one, but is filled with satisfaction, beauty and success.

Your life can become "Heaven on Earth"

Please contact Tanya DuVall, a recognized practitioner, for more information.