Harmonising your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that uses the flow of energy in your home to enhance your quality of life.  Embracing the 5 elements and balancing them throughout your home will improve your '8 life aspirations'.   A home that reflects what you aspire to will support you and your family's success.

The workshop introduces you to the basic philosophy and principles of a simple, but widely used method of Feng Shui.  The objective is to familiarise with the life aspirations, elements and how they work together to create harmony in your home.  You will gain understanding on the importance of colors, forms and symbols in your home and how they affect you.  We will also take the time to discuss each individuals home and any immediate questions you may have pertaining to your home.  When you finish the course, you will be in a position to go home and apply the basic principles.

THis workshop is ideal to host in your home for an unique and interesting evening among friends.  The 2 and a half hour course can be organised for 4-8 participants.

The personal visit takes this all a step further.  Not only will you acquire a basic understanding of Feng Shui, but we will also go through your house room by room.  Applying the principles generally doesnt require any major changes or shifting, but rather small changes which make a large impact on the flow and therefore open your home up to change.