Find Your Essence and Flaunt it!

Everyone has a quality within them which they exude sub-consciously.  If consciously identified, this can become their most valuable tool to make them shine, be noticed, get the job or impress the people they need to.

During this workshop we talk about how what you exude effects potential employers, colleges and anyone else you are trying to impress.  We look about how decision makers are largely influenced by the intangible, not simply the practical when making final choices.

I encourage you to look at yourself honestly to find, not what other tell you is your uniqueness and not even what you would like your uniqueness to be, but rather what part of you makes you feel good about yourself.  By embracing this part of yourself, you will exude a more positive attitude, feel more confident and ultimately... get the job, college or dream you desire!

This workshop is appropriate for people looking for jobs, students looking to get into college, graduate students putting themselves out in the marketplace and anyone who wants to manifest their dreams.